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Why Pierpont?

Pierpont Elementary benefits from our involved community. The Pierpont PTA, parent volunteers, and family involvement help in making Pierpont the successful school we love!

The Pierpont PTA meets regularly and holds three fundraisers per year. These fundraisers generate funds to support extensive arts lessons in our classrooms, field trips, technology, and supplemental resources for our students. All students attend at least three field trips per year and have at least sixteen, one-hour sessions with a skilled artist. The PTA also hosts community events such as movie nights, dances, a fall jog-a-thon, dinners, and our annual Spring Carnival.


Pierpont provides a device for all students to utilize on campus. We have a new computer lab, Ipads, Chromebooks, laptops and desktop computers. Students have access to various devices so that they develop digital literacy on a variety of platforms. Technology is implemented in each grade level to match instruction and to appropriately support student learning. Pierpont has developed technology standards at each grade level to ensure our students are developing appropriate technology skill that matches their growth and development. Visit our web-site to see the standards.


Our unique location gives us an opportunity to participate in hands on learning activities in the area of marine science.  Students take weekly trips to the beach, on Fridays, where they can participate in outdoor learning or marine science activities.